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To go “green” or not to go “green” the 21st century Shakespeare says. Contradictory to common belief, going “green” in your real estate business is actually more profitable than not. One company, In The Now Investments, Inc. has taken it to the next level.If you have a heartbeat you surely often hear the word “green” almost every day but most of us really do not think about what “green” is or what all is involved. The term has been tossed around loosely and has most likely lost some of its true meaning. This is why the owners of In The Now Investments decided to get educated and learn the true benefits (short and long-term) of taking their business to the “green” side. What they were about to find out would change their lives dramatically.Through research and education, it became clear that going “green” was actually going to be more profitable than not. There are several government programs and stimulus packages just waiting for the next great environmentally friendly business plan. In The Now decided that if they were going to do this, they wanted to be the leaders in their industry. To say the least, they have completed 100 real estate transactions in the last 16 months in Detroit, one of the hardest hit areas during this so-called “Economic Meltdown”. During this time period they have assisted numerous families, investors, and saved many folk’s retirement plans by assisting them in self directing it into a much more valuable investment. This is such an incredible strategy for normal everyday people to take advantage of. We all know that a few years ago when the stock market crashed, many 401k’s unfortunately turned into 201k’s (half of the retirement funds just disappeared). Fortunately, most are bouncing back from this but their funds are not nearly where they should be at this point in their working lives. Although this is another topic completely, this strategy has made back people’s retirement funds and even was the cause of a lot of folks retiring earlier than planned – never a bad dilemma to have.Let’s get to the nuts and bolts here and talk about how “green” is actually more affordable and profitable. Just by using “green” strategies and Eco-Friendly products in these homes, you will receive money back from the government in the form of a check, not to mention the other tax incentives and write-offs that come with it. Investors that are taking advantage of this are seeing an avg. of 33% of their actual rehab costs back as cash 60 days after completion of their project. That’s a nice chuck of ROI right away that the investor can put into their next investment or take a really nice vacation far away. Make sure you get with a professional in the “green” industry to ensure you receive the highest amount of rebates and incentives. Taking the time to get the right consulting can really make a huge difference. In The Now just happened to be at the right place at the right time and met a very influential professional in the Eco-Consulting field that was really making moves in the “green” industry. Since then, they have teamed up, made him Chief Green Officer of the company, and completed many deals together while saving people a lot of money in the meantime (just due to the savvy “green” strategies that were implemented during the rehab process).Remember, not only are you becoming more profitable as a business but you are doing a great act to our environment. You are conserving energy and helping to rebuild America one “green” home at a time. Just think about the potential amount of lives that you can personally make a difference in – your life, your family, business partners and their families, the investors that you come in contact with, the everyday people with retirement funds just laying around, the tenants/first time homebuyers that actually live in the home, the neighborhood, forcing appreciation on residential real estate and so many more. Make sure to pat yourself on the back, celebrate a little, and get moving on to your next Eco-Friendly project, the environment and countless individuals will thank you.And lastly, someone once told me that your brain is either your biggest asset or your biggest liability. Get educated on what is working right now and what works for your business. You do not have to be in Real Estate to start implementing “green” strategies, although it is not a bad place to start. There is a ton of opportunity and new businesses that we haven’t even heard or dreamed about yet that are just in their baby stages. Make sure you position yourself to be a part of a huge movement. It is almost a no-brainer at this point to take advantage of the “green” movement before the competition has completely left you in the Stone Age. Maybe the title of this Press Release should have been “Can you Afford to Go Green, or better yet, Can you Really Afford not to?”