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Investing in Seattle real estate is a wise decision. The Seattle real estate market is one of the top 10 real estate markets in the United States. With the present real estate crisis that has been affecting and plaguing the country at large it is reassuring to know that Seattle real estate remains firm and strong. Part of the reason for this is that while other states in the US are having a hard time coping with economic problems largely affecting its employment, Seattle employment maintains its stability and growth. There are plenty of jobs available, part time or full time, in the city that was voted one of the most job friendly cities in the United States.The largest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle lies between the salt water of Puget Sound and the fresh water of Lake Washington. The Olympic mountain ranges to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east. Seattle’s nickname “The Emerald City” is ever so fitting to describe a city that is surrounded by shimmering bodies of water, snow capped mountain ranges and a beautiful lush green countryside, Seattle’s glistening skyscrapers rising up in the middle of this natural beauty truly give it a jewel like appearance. With such natural beauty and a strong real estate market to boot, it only makes sense that one would want to invest in Seattle real estate of some type.Seattle offers fantastic views from all directions, there are many waterfront homes available as well as the biggest houseboat population outside of the Orient. If you love fishing, boating, water skiing, or just plain being around water, then buying a home in Seattle would be a dream come true. Your investment would be a safe bet as Seattle has such a strong market and you would be able to enjoy living in an area that offers you the things you love in life. Just imagine getting out of bed in the morning, fixing a cup of coffee and within minutes being able to fish, go boating, water skiing or kayaking. Living in a home that is close to the water would save you time and hassle. You would not have to load up the car, pack up gear, drive long distances, because you will be living close to the things you love doing the most.The median value of a single family home in Seattle is around $520,000. In the Seattle metro area you can purchase a three bedroom home starting at around $400,000. If you are not looking for a stand alone family residence, you might consider a townhouse, prices for town homes start at about $330,000. If you do not want to be troubled with yard work, another option would be a condominium. Two bedroom condominiums can be found starting at around $200,000. As you can see there are many price options, as well as home options available for you to chose from.One of the big worries about buying waterfront property is loss of privacy. However there are many waterfront homes around Puget Sound that are tucked away in remote locations. Property owners of Puget Sound enjoy a quiet more private lifestyle then owners of waterfront properties on the Lakes in Seattle. Of course living in a Puget Sound waterfront home may require you to take a short ferry ride to reach the downtown Seattle area.For parent finding your home in an area that provides a quality education for your children will be an important consideration for you. For your family, the school system may be more important than the neighborhood, the commute to work, or the physical structure of the home itself. Talk to your real estate agent about your children’s schooling needs such as sports, honor programs, the arts, or any special need, your agent will be able to help find the perfect location for your family, based on your needs.One thing about it, no matter what part of Seattle you choose to live in, or what type of Seattle property you choose, house, houseboat, condominium, townhouse or apartment you can be assured that the area will be surrounded in natural beauty and maintain its value.