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Those interested in Bellaire Texas real estate will find a wide variety of homes to choose from. This beautiful city has become a hot destination for home buyers seeking a quiet place but with all the city amenities.Bellaire, TexasBellaire was established in 1911 when it was registered with the city of Houston. In 1928, it was declared a city and its population soon began to grow. From 1919 to 1939, the number of residences increased from 25 to 330 residences. By 1960, this number reached 600.During the 1980s, Bellaire Texas real estate saw the rise of two bedrooms, one bath bungalow type of houses. However, today these houses are being replaced by beautiful two to three story, four to five bedroom executive styled homes.With strong zoning requirements in place, the quality of the neighborhood and residences is well maintained. Bellaire is a beautiful place to live in; it has some of the best schools in the state so you do not have to worry about your kids’ education. The place is dotted with lush green parks and offers plenty of recreational opportunities for all. There are some great libraries here, plus the Texas Medical Center is just a few minutes’ drive.When looking for a real estate in Bellaire, you will definitely not fall short of choice. The price range can vary from $100,000 to several million dollars. Here, you will find beautiful four to five bedroom homes nestled along with small ranches.Tips To Help You BuySince you are on this page, it is obvious that you are interested in Bellaire Texas real estate. But how should you go about it? First, list down the things you are looking for. How many bedrooms do you require? Do you want a garden or a swimming pool or both? Do you want a condo or a ranch type home?Once you are clear about of the kind of a home you are looking for, you should consider a budget. You should be able to afford the type of house that you intend to buy. Remember that buying a home is a big investment and one that should be made only after careful consideration of your finances.You would need to finance your home. If you are not sure about how to go about this process, you can get the help of a real estate agent. The agent will let you know about the mortgages being resold in the market. The Federal Mortgage Association buys these mortgages and then sells them to investors. These mortgages carry lower interest rates.Getting your finances in place before you start your search for a home is a great way to start. When making a budget for your house, do not just include mortgage payments. You will also have to pay utility bills, property taxes, insurance, appraisal fee, repair costs, etc. So make sure that your budget includes everything.Finally, when buying a home, the choice of neighborhood is one of the most important factors that impact your decision. Do you want a green, quiet neighborhood like Bellaire? If you have kids, you are going to consider a neighborhood with good schools. Crime rate, transportation, town services and recreational facilities are some of the things that you are going to be looking at when deciding the region.A real estate agent can help you from the start to the end of the home buying process. Not only can they provide you expert guidance, but they can also help you avoid a bad deal and make buying Bellaire Texas real estate a smooth process.